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Supplier of golf & turf, residential
and commercial equipment since 1969

Main John Deere
dealership for Munster

We are an established family run business and Groundcare Eq supplier of golf & turf, residentail and commercial equipment since 1969. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding levels of customer service and have built up a loyal client base over the years.

Our product line today can fill the needs of any homeowner, contractor or golf course superintendent. Seamus Weldon Groundcare always delivers quality products, and excellent service at affordable prices.


Commercial & Golf

We offer robotic mowerd both for domestic and commercial use

The advantages of using a robotic mower are substantial. These cutting-edge machines offer unparalleled convenience, as they autonomously navigate your lawn, saving you valuable time and effort. Their efficient operation leads to consistent and evenly trimmed grass, enhancing the overall appearance of your yard. Robotic mowers are also eco-friendly, producing minimal emissions and noise compared to traditional gas-powered counterparts.

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